THCa-30" Stands for The Hidden Compressor without air-compressor.

This amazing machine operates from the pressure of air coming from an air-compressor. The air-compressor is sold separately and requires these specs: 6CFM @ 90 PSI and is sold in most hardware stores. For Dual Nozzle, air-compressor requires 12CFM @ 90 PSI with a minumum 20 Gallon air tank. GMP for the EU avaiable upon request. 


Terpene Fresh Vac-Sealers are intended for the serious packaging professional that requires a premium seal on any pouch up to 6mm thick (or 12mm thick with both sides of pouch). These machines are turn-key out of the box and ready to use. Foot-pedal operated for quality control.  Follow all local oridance, rules and regulations in your state/country.

It is recommended to include Terpene Fresh Upgrade.


Package 100 pouches per hour

30" long seal bar for larger pouches and for Jumbo Pouches

1/4" thick seal for maximum smell-proof

2 year limited warranty

110 outlet/ 10amps

Operate machine in closed doors and away from extreme elements. 

THCa-30" Vacuum Sealer

    • *1-week trial period for evaluation. This trial period does not apply to custom made machines. If non-custom unit is returned, it must be received at Ryan Rogue Packaging in "as new" condition. Packaging shall be appropriate to assure safe shipment. When unit is returned, a credit memo will be issued to be used against original invoice. All shipping and handling costs are responsibility of the customer. Custom units are those that include the following options: BAS, SS, CE, 220PX, DN, EC, LPC, TC, PE, SEAL BAR and/or VSS.
    • *2-year Limited Warranty. Ryan Rogue Packaging Vacuum Sealers are warranted for two (2) full years from date of delivery against electrical and mechanical defects, excluding normal wear items such as Heating Elements, Element Posts, Teflon, Pressure Bar Pads, Gray/Black Rubbers and Seal Gaskets. The warranty is voided if the machine is damaged due to improper or negligent use and/or unauthorized repairs. Further, this limited warranty does not cover any Acts of God such as fire, hurricanes, flood and tornadoes. Any defective machine under warranty that is returned freight prepaid will, at our option, be repaired or replaced by Ryan Rogue Packaging, at no charge.
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