Reduce Oxidation with Trichome Smart Technology

Reduce Cost (No-Humidity Packs when heat sealed)

Re-Usable with Air-Tight Zipper

Puncture Resitant, 4 mil thick

24"x36"x8" with stand-up bottom and zipper

10lb minimum, up to 20lbs (depends on type of product)

10lb+ Solid Silver (100 per box)

SKU: 24met100
  • For best results, use sealers with 1/4" thick heat-seal, and that can reach the proper heat temperature to seal metallized film (aka mylar):


    Doesn't vacuum tightly when used with Cabellas, ShieldnSeal, FoodSaver, or Weston. These sealers are not commercially rated sealers and will breakdown, or not provide proper vacuum. Click here for the #1 Sealer

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