What is Gas-Purge?

Gas-Purge is defined as one of many processes of removing the 21.9% O2 from a container by purging inert gas that will not promote decay through oxidation, photo-degradation, or hydrolysis. 

This extends shelf-life during storage and transportation. After opening the air-tight container the perishable commodity's shelf-life will decrease- if not used right away.


Inert gas (Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide or any combination of) has been used for decades in protecting food, electronics, vintage artifacts, and other perishable commodities. 

Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealers have this as an option for those seeking to maintain the integrity of their products. The flexibility to gas-purge gives the producer/cultivator freedom to gas-purge, or not to gas-purge. 

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